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Handmade ceramic paste

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    Handmade ceramic paste

  • Funding Amount :

    100% من قيمة المشروع SDG

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  • My experience in this work was through searching on the Internet, so I learned to work with the help of an English friend, and I started doing my business for the home, then I started working and distributing inside the neighborhood and relatives Then I heard about the creativity bank and asked for funding, and I was funded, and the work started in a bigger way. I trained my deceased sister’s daughter, who is a university student, and now she is good at working and works with me on the days when there is no study at the university and pays her study expenses from the project ... and now my vision is to have a company for this work In the long term, either in the short term, I thought of opening a store on the main street as an exhibition for our products, in addition to distribution in the specialized stores in the market ... My products are essays, wall panels, relationships and toys, and it is possible to develop a variety of products ,,,, I hope from the creativity bank that The bid continues until we become a company ... The project has very high profits

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