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Selling ice cream and ice

  • Client :


  • Project :

    Selling ice cream and ice

  • Funding Amount :

    180000 SDG

  • Product :


  • I had a sheep fattening project ... but I was looking for a source of financing until I heard about the Ebdaa Microfinance Bank, Singa branch, so I went to it and they thankfully bought three lambs for 10,000 last year and paid after 45 days, i.e. half the payment period.. I sold the sheep for 15,000 i.e. I won 5000... at the amount of 15000 I bought a wheel to fatten it and sold the wheel after less than 45 days for 23000, I paid the total bank installment amount of 10450.... the remaining amount 12550 Karo bought to fetch water inside the village and sell it, where the average income of Karoo per month amounted to 25000' From the caro income I bought a cake-making machine at home for 13,000. The client was renewed for an amount of 180,000 for the project to sell the ice cream in the village last May. We ask God to increase her from His grace and bless her in her provision and success

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