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Poultry - meat

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  • Project :

    Poultry - meat

  • Funding Amount :

    300000 SDG

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  • The client, Zahra Siddiq Muhammad Ibrahim, is a graduate of Al-Ahfad University for Women... Business Administration. It is not strange for her to run a small project and develop it with God's help and grace, then with her effort, patience and perseverance to become a big project... She resorted to the Ebdaa Bank for Microfinance since 2015 and took a loan of 3000 from a branch Halfaya... That amount at that time had value and it ranged from one funding cycle to another and from one project to another until it was financed with an amount of 300,000 to buy poultry (broilers) God gave her enlightened insight and success from Him... Also, her house has a large area that accommodated her project with an open heart... It looks like public parks if not more you will see in the attached pictures... The diligence is clear from the client, the diligent work, and the grace of the Lord of the Worlds was present ... Then the Ebdaa Bank for Microfinance ... Sudan is a contribution that found its family to become the projectAs you can see... We wish the client more success and reconstruction. The client suffers from the problem of inflation... and the price difference from one month to another, which makes the bulk of the profits go to production and does not benefit from the desired benefit, as it is governed by the market price, which it cannot increase on to ensure the marketing of its products... It appeals to the bank with thanks for the existence of an appropriate solution.

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