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Sewing Machine

  • Client :

    Hameeda Mohammed Abd ellah Hashim

  • Project :

    Sewing Machine

  • Funding Amount :

    20000 SDG

  • Product :


  • Translation... I am Hamida, I am 24 years old. I was working in one of the Tailoring with a salary, and I heard about the Ebdaa Bank that it finances women and youth, so I went to the bank to be financed with a sewing machine, and the financing was already done and the machine was purchased. Where we share the profits by 50%, where my father provides the fabrics and I do the manufacturing and then they are offered in the shop for sale and I work on women's clothes, sheets, Cendergarding and schools clothes. Sewing work has become an additional source of income for me because I work in another job Hamida's father's Mohammed Abd Ellah: The sewing machine that Hamida owned increased our income by 50%.He performs handicaps, and handicaps. It became an extra income for me because I work in another job Hamida‚Äôs father: The sewing machine that Hamida owns has increased by 50%, and I am now able to pay the school fees for my sons and universities. Machines and labor We are thinking of opening accounts and saving our surplus money in the Ebdaa Bank 100%

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