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fish farming

  • Client :

    abdlrhman albayti

  • Project :

    fish farming

  • Funding Amount :

    40000 الف جنية SDG

  • Product :

  • I have a large agricultural area in the new area. I have equipped four ponds for fish farming. I found an acre that equipped the basins with water specifications that facilitate ventilation and drainage. I did not have water connection to these ponds. I heard about the innovation bank and provided them with water delivery to the ponds.Which helped me greatly in the development of two projects (fish farming) financed by the Bank of creativity two sessions totaling the total amount of 40000 pounds has been connected to the water network of the number of two ponds have been planted tubs capacity of one basin 20 thousand crop expected productivity per basin between 5-6 tons estimated price The plan for the future of the project is the cultivation of the other two ponds with hybrid fish and the introduction of the fish feed machine. The project provided jobs for three people

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