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    10000 SDG

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  • I learned the soap industry after being trained in a training workshop with an organization and started to work in the soap but in a limited scope, because of the limited capital .. By selling the produce to the neighbors and by acting ... I heard about in a bank with the ladies' fund. Lihm finance they gave me materials and start working in large quantities and sell in the neighborhood in the district completed the first loan and requested Tani and funded and expanded my job and remained distributed in the states, especially North Kordofan Lanu Ahli there to manufacture and raise the palms .. Soapy distinguished quality and large size and appropriate prices Thank God the project helped me a lot of expenses House and children Fbsaa Doubles in schools fees Alaoladobstry all my needs from the project profit. Bank Li Li project by 100% Three courses were funded respectively and they funded me like three times hopefully in future i have my own factory all kind of soup liquid Paste and boards and my goal and I need to achieve my goal

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