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Cotton cultivation project

  • Client :

    gism alhha

  • Project :

    Cotton cultivation project

  • Funding Amount :

    20000 الف SDG

  • Product :

    Ebdaa Product

  • Six rounds of the Bank of Innovation and all funding for agriculture amounted to a total funding of one hundred and six thousand pounds funded for agricultural inputs, seeds and pesticides and fertilizers began to fund 3 thousand pounds and took six funding courses Total funding 106 thousand pounds planted crops corn, wheat and cotton distributed 8 acres of funding cost 20 jawwal pounds produced 115 mobile phone price 1800 pounds Sold al-Qasab for 50 thousand pounds planted 8 acres of wheat funding 48 thousand pounds produced 120 mobile financing cost 17 Jawwal paid to the bank and mobile price 1850 pounds, planted 8 acres of cotton produced 110 quintals Qantar price 3250 Pounds, I worked in the project 14 workers Thank God I bought T. Rkter and Arab work in it and when traveling, thank God very mottled ""

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