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Robertage about maintenance work at the Special Needs School - Al-Sorarab

2022-07-29 11:45:00

And a report about maintenance work at the Special Needs School - Al-Sorarab after maintenance Within the framework of social responsibility and the belief of AGFUND represented by the Ebdaa Microfinance Bank - Sudan in the importance of education for all and after displaying the terrible deterioration of the Al-Sorarab Rural Omdurman School for People with Special Needs on Al-Jazeera channel, the bank took the initiative to reform the school. And over the course of nearly six months, the school’s maintenance work continued until it was completed, and everyone made great efforts to complete the work, whether from the bank’s team represented by Kawthar Mahmoud Abdullah, the former manager of the Omdurman branch...Currently the manager of the Bahri branch, Abuzar is a loan officer in the Omdurman branch, or the cooperation of the teachers together until the school saw the light again and the building and construction work was completed, even the benefactors from the region or the neighboring areas or the owners of factories had appreciated contributions, and the skilled workers and craftsmen all of them were credited After God Almighty, so that the image of the dilapidated buildings will turn into a modern, complete and beautiful school, so that our beautiful children will enjoy a level of special care and care that qualifies themTo integrate into society. The Sadaqah organization had significant contributions in supporting maintenance and repair work, in addition to a pharmaceutical company, in addition to two benefactors from Umm Dom area, Dr. Nadi Al-Jazouli, Ensan organization, Dr. Asaad Al-Abbas, pediatrician, to name a few and whom we could not obtain. Their names, we hope that God will grant them the reward of hidden charity. Basma Khair Foundation sponsored the establishment of an integrated center for the rehabilitation and training of people with special needs To God be the grace and credit, then to the Ebdaa Bank for Microfinance, the Agafand, and the benevolent sons of my country, the reward and reward.

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