Financial products

Our Financial products

Our Financial products

Ebdaa Product

It is a product dedicated to small women's projects that need small capital (such as the use of slippers, municipal perfumes, municipal fat production, etc.)

Solar power

Sudan is a predominantly rural country with a rural population of 55%. In urban and rural areas, 13.8%. Consider alternatives that fill the need for rural areas that are difficult to connect to the national electricity network, making solar energy applications more suitable for energy saving for rural areas


It is a product dedicated to the financing of small and medium projects that enjoy the independence of their owners Target group: All low and low income persons with due consideration (The project age is not less than 6 months, has a fixed post if he is an employee, the project is not required to be registered) Amount of funding: 4600 - 20000 Sudanese pounds Profit margin: 15% Financing formula: Murabaha for buying / contracting / leasing / leasing ownership. Fees: LE 15, LE 30 (depending on the amount) Period of funding: 15, 18, 24 months (by amount) Guarantees: group guarantee, salary guarantee, pension, maintenance / check guarantor, original warrantee (rent).

Product Education:

Product Education The idea of designing the product of education based on the needs of the target group by the bank to complete the education of their children in schools and universities, as well as interest in providing this service in the framework of the attention of the banks of education and investment in human rights Product objectives: Provide funding for families to register their children in educational institutions on time, reduce educational losses, introduce a large segment of society to benefit from official financial services. Other advantages: Affordable conditions for students with special needs and outstanding students.


Product of the morah It is a product dedicated to women's groups and young breeders and shepherds to contribute to increased income and production. Target group: Women Groups, Youth in Pastoral Areas. Financing size: 4000 - 5000 SDG Profit margin: 2% Financing formula: Murabaha Funding period 4-12 months Guarantees: Group Guarantees


Youth product (18-35 years old), who is not involved in the service, is interested in the following projects (all types of agriculture, vegetable and agricultural crops, fodder, breeding and fattening, poultry farms, salon and beauty salons, workshops Blacksmithing, maintenance of electronic equipment, training centers, kindergartens, pharmacies, ....) Target group: Youth and Alumni category (18-35) years. Amount of funding: 750 - 20.000 pounds Profit margin: 1.5% Funding formula: Murabaha / contracting / leasing Fees:SDG 30 Period of funding: 15-18 months Guarantees: Group Guarantee

health insurance

Project Model Treatment and treatment expenses Financing methodology . Individuals _ groups -: Loan amount 7.20_480 -: Loan period .18_12 _: Compulsory savings 0% -:Profit margin 0 -:Method of Payment .Monthly -: Financing formula Good loan

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